The Lightning Project

The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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Back in June, we (I, Blue Zoo Aquatics, and Sea & Reef Aquaculture) announced an unprecedented raffle contribution to the Marine Breeding Initiative (MBI) in recognition of the 5th Annual Marine Breeder’s Workshop, which is coming up quickly on July 19th, 2014, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. In short, Blue Zoo and I contributed one of […]

I don’t think it’s a secret that I like Rod’s Food, and I consider the folks behind Rod’s Food to be friends who I look forward to seeing time and again.  There’s more to it though; so often businesses in the aquarium industry are wrapped up in business, although I gotta be honest in my […]

I don’t test my water all that often these days – I’ve long since learned that you can assertain a lot of what is going on through observation, and the basics of pH and Temp are constantly monitored.  Still, I do check things once in a while to make sure we’re not too far off […]

Turnabout is fair play – come here to shoot the Lightning Maroon Clownfish and expected to get shot yourself (granted, I asked for permission to both shoot and post 😉 ) I have to say, Gary was a trooper – our club brought him to Duluth, MN, only to drive him 3 hours west to […]

I promised something new, so it seems now is a good time to say that once again, the rubbing, cleaning, and courting continue.  However, we still have no eggs.  Despite the ongoing waiting period, it doesn’t prevent aquarists like John Coppolino, and Marc Levenson, both in Duluth to speak at our local club, from being […]

We’re seeing ongoing progress in the Lightning Maroon pairing.  More digging, more general surface cleaning, but no eggs yet.  Rod Buehler of Rod’s Food sent along an extra-special care package from Mama Percula to Mrs. Lightning this weekend…some of her secret recipe new “Breeder’s Blend”, aka. “No Candelight Needed”.  Some is getting tested out here, […]

For a second time, the PNG Lightning Maroon Clown Fish has graced the pages of CORAL magazine.  Admittedly, with what’s happened in the last 2 weeks, the article seems a bit outdated…but how could we have known where we’d be 2 months ago?! I got my copy about a week ago – arguably I’m even […]

So last night, I worked on my pairing techniques with the normal White Striped PNG Maroons again.  I took the “female” out of the breeder box and returned her to the main tank, where the male had been recouperating from their last encounter.  All in all, I think things went remarkably better.  Still, after a […]

It’s not every day that you’re go stumble across an artistic rendering of your fish.  Wildlife artist Heather Ward had been looking for a maroon colored animal to incorporate into a piece for a contest, and somehow found the one and only PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish.  I definitely had to share this rendition here – […]

Not much else to say, just a short snippet of the Lighting Maroon flirting with a ORA Red Goniopora colony while being bathed in a sliver of afternoon Easter sunlight.