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The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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So the suspicions are true, these two Lightning Maroons are destined to become a pair! The story was published moments ago on – details are being kept quiet, but according to, the purchaser’s plans are to “keep the fish in their 120 gallon tank as the centerpiece of their show tank.  The buyer was […]

Today the next two fish, from the first batch of 5 sent to Blue Zoo, found homes today. The auaction for the first white stripe offspring from the wild pair, BZWS1, closed with a bidder who’s held the top spot for several days now, closing at $810.00 – thank you to everyone who bid!  To […]

The post title pretty much says it all.  Moments ago, the first captive-bred Lightning Maroon clownfish to ever be sold has found a buyer via eBay.  You can view what’s been described as “An Epic Tropical Fish Auction” here. My hearty congratulations and thanks go out to the winning bidder.  As the bidders identities are […]

I love the internet’s ability to royally “get it wrong”, and this edition of Lightning Maroon Clownfish Mythbusting points to one of my own home clubs (I’m a lifetime member of TCMAS); the thread? Ligtning (sic) Maroon on Ebay Shibb’s wrote; “Blue Zoo is actually selling FOUR offspring. Only 2 have the really “lightning” markings, though.” […]

More than any other question I’ve received in the past year, is one that once again, came up in a private communication from Carl W. Phillips Jr. tonight.  He asked,  “Mr Pedeersen whats you opinion of what the stripe maroon will throw some lightning ??” My response: “I’ve written about this rather extensively on and elsewhere. […]

As of 2:35 AM, Friday, June 21st, 2013, all 30 fish initially planned for release have been posted here on this website for your review and consideration.  Please review the Lightning Maroon Clownfish Offspring Inventory to see all 30 fish. The motivations behind this monumental task (it took me in the neighborhood of 20 hours […]

From the 6/19/2013 Blue Zoo Aquatics Newsletter: Lightning Maroon Clownfish Update Through multiple media channels, word has gotten out that the first round of baby Lightning Maroon Clowns are going to go on sale very soon. Matt Pedersen announced the forth coming offering on his blog site yesterday and it is true, we now have, […]

The first retail offerings of Lightning Maroon Clownfish are only days or weeks away! One of the two mystery destinations for today’s Lightning Maroon shipments is indeed Blue Zoo Aquatics.  If you’ve been paying attention to their newsletters, or to Reef Builders, this should come as no surprise.  Way back when starting this project, I […]

With all the stuff going on, I realized it’s been months since I showed the pair of Lightnings that I saved for myself. I also wanted to update the “Lightning Maroon Clownfish Pattern Progression & Development” post, as there is obviously still a fair amount of justifiable skepticism as to whether these offspring will ever […]

I’ll let the recipients decide when and how they’d like to share their new arrivals who are in transit as I type this.  Some more genetic material has left the building.  Here’s the pair of fish that went to destination #1 tonight.