The Lightning Project

The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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I’ve been thinking, planning, and waiting, and for no reason whatsoever, tonight was the night.  Time to allow the Lightning Maroon out of the jail cell for some exercise in the yard.  Perhaps also time for a no-barriers meet-and-greet with the Labrador Maroon (a White Stripe variant of Premnas biaculeatus from unknown origins). I could […]

Just some friendly advice.  While doing a water change on the Lightning Maroon’s tank on Thursday, I noticed the flow from the Nanocube’s return pump seemed a little “slow”.  I figured something was clogged up in the pump so I pulled it out to clean it. Turns out, the impeller shaft must have become structurally […]

Yes, the Lighting Maroon is currently still a Jailbird, and all of today’s mugshots were taken behind bars! There is little to report at this time.  All the Maroons in the house are happy and healthy.  All the new PNG Juvies are going through QT still.  The Labrador Maroon continues to renovate the tank outside […]

There is simply nothing “new” to report.  This is how clownfish breeding can go sometimes…you wait, and wait, and wait, and wait.  At the request of Anderson, I needed to take some pictures today.  A couple pictures of a large Maroon Clownfish with dark barring had surfaced on the internet, and he asked if I […]