The Lightning Project

The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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Steven Paul is the PNG fisherman responsible for collecting the illustrious Lightning Maroon Clownfish.  With the new EcoAquariums PNG now in full swing, Dan Navin has been proud to show off the unprecedented level of transparency and traceability of marine aquarium fishes collected in Papua New Guinea.  With that transparency comes a narrowing of the gap; I […]

…and this is how it will go down. OK, the fact that lightning maroon clownfish shows up as the 4th and last auto-fill option for “lightning” already has me impressed.  Pat yourselves on the back fellow aquarists – you’re obviously searching enough that this is now a relevant and popular search term!  But it gets […]

A special thanks goes out to Shane & Len at Advanced Aquarist for co-publishing this blog entry there – it seemed like the perfect contribution given the style of material they like to cover. The Lightning Project Just to bring you up to speed, it’s been over 2 years since the “Lightning Maroon” from PNG made […]

OK, so I have to chuckle because people are already speculating about the going asking price on the F1 offspring I’ve produced.  I’ve seen the hypothetical numbers ranging from $300 to $600 to $1000 to $1500.  And then there’s this post on that takes the cake.  User iball1804 is making some pretty bold statements, starting […]

I am really starting to think that these chronic bacterial issues stem from breeding activity.  Last week, things were good, I saw a little pre-spawn activity and now once again, come Friday the 13th, there’s a white spot on the Lightning Maroon’s upper lip. By Saturday, it was already well infected, and now, come Sunday, […]

“Oh snap, was that thunder??” – image courtesy EcoAquariums PNG, Ltd. EcoAquariums PNG, Ltd, the successor of the spot formerly filled by SEASMART, has continued to turn up abberantly patterned Maroon Clownfish collected in the waters of Papua New Guinea.  Between SEASMART’s own collections, and with no less than 3 unique Maroons shown off on […]

These fish just keep getting better and better. I have tons of images, but I can’t wait until I can actually get really good images for everyone to see. I’m sure some people may be wondering why the images are so “crappy”. Well, I’m shooting without a macro lens for starters. But there’s also something […]

I don’t think it’s a secret that I like Rod’s Food, and I consider the folks behind Rod’s Food to be friends who I look forward to seeing time and again.  There’s more to it though; so often businesses in the aquarium industry are wrapped up in business, although I gotta be honest in my […]

…I will name this one Tesla.  12 days post hatch.  Already mean as snot and fighting in the tub.

Settlement is almost done…a few stragglers tonight, just before midnight on 7/9/2012.  You caught a glimpse of this expanded photo set earlier this morning @ ReefBuilders. I have to pull my thoughts together to post up some very important information about possible genetics (granted, it is all premature…what looks “odd” at this point could totally […]