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Status – in New York – SOLD AT AUCTION – winning bid $4050
Type – Premnas biaculeatus “MW PNG Lightning” F1
Parents – P. biaculeatus “PNG White Stripe” F0 (male) X P. biaculeatus “PNG Lightning” F0 (female)
ID – LM16
Hatch Date – June 29th, 2012
Images – Shot 8/15/2013

(that’s a really bad last photo, but I love how you can see both sides at the same time!)
This is a stunning fish that has some MAJOR flaws, and yet, I’m sitting here almost regretting even putting this one in the “for sale” category…can’t keep ’em all though. This is also one of the 3-4 smallest Lightning Maroons in the clutch; ideal for use if you want a Lightning to be a male in a pairing with any of it’s siblings as you’ll have a jump on the process.
The flaw are hefty; 1st spines of both the dorsal and anal fins are not fully connected to the rest of the fin, but the real kicker – this fish lacks a right ventral fin, presumably lost in battle at a much younger age.  Only ONE ventral fin on this fish!  Some would also say that this fish is rather snub-nosed / pug-nosed.
I should point out that this fish shows different “color” than some of the other maroons siblings; all of my holdbacks have been held for months, very closely lit overhead by twin tube shoplights with daylight bulbs.  The communal group is much more dimly it, and universally they lack the black highlights in the fins that all my holdbacks developed.  Therefore, it can only be an environmental factor at play and this coloration certainly can change.
Ordinarly, a fish like this would be culled. That said, the defects noted are not presumed genetic at this time, and the main reason for offering these fish is to broaden the size of the F1 population going forward (ensuring genetic stability where possible).
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