The Lightning Project

The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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So excited.  Patience pays off, and I might say things happen for a reason.  I will say I’ve been keeping an eye on the PNG SEASMART Program and caught wind of a shipment hitting the states.  How would I get such insider information before you? Well…it’s actually really easy.  I’m a friend/fan of SEASMART on […]

I got news.  Good news.  No, REALLY good news, possibly GREAT news, from Mark Martin @ Blue Zoo Aquatics via email just a little while ago.  I called him to confirm it but had to leave him a voicemail. I’m certainly not one to count my chickens, but I can’t help but be happy.  If […]

Since the PNG Lightning Maroon hit the online world, there’s been over 100+ threads on it.  I’m not about to link to them all here, but I found the conversations  I had with a few of my fellow TCMAS (Twin Cities Marine Aquarium Society) members very interesting.  The original thread is here ( ), […]

So first off, yes, the Lightning Maroon Clownfish is still alive and healthy and living in its Bubble Tip Anemones.  It remains still inside a breeder net, with the large “Labrador” Maroon clown from Frank and Mary lurking outside.  The net has become overgrown with algae, so I am currently thinking of making a “cage” […]