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Status – Arrived alive in Wisconsin, 9-4-2013, SOLD AT AUCTION, winning bid was $1800.00
Type – Premnas biaculeatus “MW PNG Lightning” F1
Parents – P. biaculeatus “PNG White Stripe” F0 (male) X P. biaculeatus “PNG Lightning” F0 (female)
ID – LM4
Hatch Date – June 29th, 2012
Images – Shot 6/17/2013
 F1 PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish, LM4
 F1 PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish, LM4
New Photos, taken 8-13-2013

This fish was initially pulled to be sent to Blue Zoo in the first shipment, but during photography I noticed he had a gimpy right pectoral fin.  Right ventral fin is also slightly tweaked.  This damage is due to fighting, but I opted to hold the fish back to see how it heals; while the color shown isn’t a very good representation, the images from 8-15 clearly show that the damage has been fully recovered on the pectoral fin.
It’s a nice lightning, but not without it’s flaws.  Note the tiny dip between the first and second dorsal rays…this may remain, worsen, or grow in…hard to say.  Other than that, it’s a pretty nice fish…only a very slight notch in the neck, and slight underbite.
Still, a fish like this wouldn’t be sold normally; it’d be held back for observation and if the issues remained, potentially culled.  As with all fish being offered, the defects are not presumed genetic at this time, and the main reason for offering these fish is to broaden the size of the F1 population going forward (ensuring genetic stability where possible).
Update 9/24/2013:
The buyers of LM4 have also procured WS15; the ultimate plan is that LM4 will be the larger “female” in a pairing with WS15 (WS15 taking on the male role).
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