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The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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The forced size differentiation of my holdback Lightning pair continues and is going well…my chosen female is growing larger and larger.  It’s “only a matter of time”.  

So I was gone for only 24 hours….24 HOURS, and I come back to find that the fry from Spawn #8 are gone.  Not sick, not dying, not dead.  GONE.  As in VANISHED.  As in “NO BODIES”.  Honestly I have no clue what’s going on there…it was a small group, probably less than 10, with […]

What’s it going to take to get a good batch of Lightning Maroons to hatch out?  Seriously! So you’ll probably know that I’ve been having problems both in timing the pulling of the nest, as well as split hatches and/or eggs dying if pulled prematurely.  While it seems that eggs are often ready to hatch […]

Yes, I finally took the time to set up the page.  So go “like” it! Last fish of the official 2nd round of Lightning Maroon Clownfish auctions hits eBay tonight!

Time to start watching eBay again; be sure to add Blue Zoo Aquatics to your list of favorite sellers!  From the latest auctions: “…it is now time to release for sale the next 6 Lightning Maroon Clownfish. After nearly 3 years of toil, trouble and extreme dedication, breeder Matt Pedersen is proud to offer to […]

Just a quick note this evening. First, anyone care to guess what it means when this shows up in Duluth, MN? The big news though is some changes to the inventory page of offspring.  In the past couple weeks I’ve added in some of the offspring that I gave away, and I’ll get the other […]

So yes, there was a spawn I posted a photo of back on July 31st; spawn #8; this was the one they put down on July 29th. I didn’t run the larval snagger on the night of August 5th as I had hoped, because I still don’t have mine back from it being lent out […]

After the first round of auctions with Blue Zoo Aquatics, we came to the mutual conclusion that sticking with our original plan, one of drop shipping the fish from here in Duluth to the final recipients, is going to be our preferred route going forward. I had so many direct inquiries asking why I had […]