The Lightning Project

The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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I’ve been watching the tank these past few weeks and looking at coral health. I probably should be keeping track of actual water changes, but I haven’t. The other night, I did one and reserved the water for a pre-water change and post-water change test comparision. Here’s how things shook out. PRE water change: Specific […]

Not much else to say, just a short snippet of the Lighting Maroon flirting with a ORA Red Goniopora colony while being bathed in a sliver of afternoon Easter sunlight.

So, Tuesday night, guess who spent the night in the tank? That’s right, the little male PNG Maroon. No additional damage, but the little male was banished to the area between the specimen cup and the glass of the tank…only “safe place” for him. On the one hand, happy it wasn’t dead…this is a big […]

As promised, finally, the process of pairing up the Lightning Maroon with a known male PNG Maroon is finally underway. To put it bluntly, without a doubt I am convinced that for the last year, the Lightning Maroon has been male.  Why?  Well, first, watch this video of the female Gold Stripe Maroon that used […]

Real quickly, I have tons of videos uploading to Youtube but they’re taking all freakin’ day (I shot a lot this weekend). Lots of interesting stuff on the pairing front coming. In the meantime, I’m doing a water test…here’s where we sit: Temp (Neptune) – 79.5F pH (Seachem) – 8.2 pH (Neptune) – 8.25 Alkalinity […]

No time to post more now, but I wanted to put it on record that the pairing process started today. I receive a shipment of coral from Upscales in Portland, which included 2 massive Birdsnests from Jim Blegen of Seahorse Northwest and a stunning little Gold Stripe Maroon that Travis had at his shop. Ironically […]

Short and sweet, after being gone for almost a week, and preparing to transfer in a mate this weekend, I thought I should take a quick snapshot of my water quality. pH – 8.2 Alkalinity – 4.25 meq/L Calcium – 420 ppm Magnesium – 1170 ppm Nitrate – approximately 2.5-5 ppm. I’m continuing to dose […]

Back to back “wins” for the Lightning Maroon Clownfish as it’s photoshopped kin succeed in fooling many aquarists for a second year in a row! No doubt you may recall the annoucement of a “Third” Lightning Maroon being collected on April 1st, 2010. This amazing piece of artwork was done by Guin Apora and honestly […]