This new space will be reserved as the “public shaming” section for any commercial or private breeders who intentionally pursue the “creation” of a “Gold Stripe Lightning” Maroon Clownfish by hybridizing the White Stripe Lightning Maroon Clownfish from PNG (Premnas biaculeatus) with the Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish out of Sumatra and the Indian Ocean (P. sp. epigrammata, in my opinion).
All information to date suggest that such a hybrid would A) not achieve the desired results, and B) could actually not be distinct enough to prevent infiltration of the hybrid back into breeding programs that are attempting to maintain geographically pure White Stripe PNG Lines for conservation-minded purposes. Therefore, I cannot condone attempts to create a “Gold Striped Lightning” given the true risks the offspring will represent.
Guilty Parties
Paul Wyre
Joe Marten

On My Watch List
Brian Williams
Chad Vossen (by special request)
Eddie Rachel Gonzalez