I don’t think it’s a secret that I like Rod’s Food, and I consider the folks behind Rod’s Food to be friends who I look forward to seeing time and again.  There’s more to it though; so often businesses in the aquarium industry are wrapped up in business, although I gotta be honest in my assessment that it seems companies are doing better in the customer relations department (and I say that from observing company Facebook pages and the stories I hear from fellow aquarists).
So there’s bad customer service, good customer service, but then there’s the companies that still love, and I mean LOVE, what they do and why they do it.  Now, I’m not saying every company needs to do this for every customer at every turn they get, but there are certain times when a company has the opportunity to leave a customer wowed, when they go beyond not because they have to, but simply because they want to.
Rod told me last week he was going to be sending me some samples of some new food to look at while he was recouping from surgery (glad to hear you’re doing well!), and he sent me some other foods he knew I needed (for the record, I do try to BUY his food whenever he’ll let me).  But this post isn’t at all about his food.  This is about that “Wow” factor.  This is about remembering that this is a hobby that’s more fun when we’re engaged with our fellow hobbyists. This is about remembering that our hobby helps us cross the geographic divide; all the more reason to make it a point to connect with online friends and acquaintances both at local club meetings and events, but also to forge and renew friendships with hobbyist from around the globe at events like DFW MACNA this coming September.
So here’s some pictures from what turned out to be the highlight of my day, an “impromptu” baby show for the Lightning Maroon, thrown by my friends at Rod’s Reef, attended by a small, but intimate family gathering where we devoured cupcakes from Swirlz. Amazing how touched and excited I was as a result of this simple gesture from some really great people – Thanks to you all one more time.