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The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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Well, it has started.  The first of a 4-part article series on unboxing and assembling the Ecoxotic 25 gallon LED Aquarium System.  Ultimately, rather than flood The Lighting Project with the same content, I’ll just point you to the ReefBuilders articles as they appear.  Many more pictures of this setup will be included in the […]

Strange how the weekend can just get away from you.  Kept saying I was going to add the sand, add the water, add the Labrador Maroon, but it never happened.  At this point, I may just wait – Live Rock is due to arrive Tuesday, so might as well aquascape it while dry at this […]

Yes, that is the blazing light of Heaven, apparently having be collected, stored and rebroadcast via the LEDs in the Ecoxotic Panorama fixture above what will be the Lightning Maroon’s permanent home.  I’m just throwing out this sneak peak for now so you all know I’m really working my buns off on it. FYI, the […]

It’s Monday, and I owe you all a status update.  Last Thursday, I spent the day moving the tank around the room.   I thought we had an agreed upon spot, but the family agreement was that  I get the basement, and she gets the house.  Thus, the Ecoxotic tank, the Lightning Maroon’s future home, is […]

So here’s the rundown so far: Monday, get everything basically assembled.  Shoot something like 630 + images on this first day alone.  Pester Ike Eigenbrode way too much, but he’s cool about it. Tuesday, rewire an outlet and reset every clock in the house.  Get reluctant approval from my wife on final location and orientation […]

While I was on the road most of last week, I didn’t totally miss out on the latest round of Papua New Guinea / SEASMART / EcoEZ related news.  In the interest of keeping things brief, two new developments to post up today.  First is Ret Talbot’s ongoing interest, this time discussing the possible disconnect […]

Cat officially out of the bag, just before 11:00 AM this morning, as I sat here in my boxers on a chilly MLK Day holiday, a big thump on our front porch got the dog in attack mode.  FedEx was here, dropping off boxes.  Big Boxes.  Boxes that said “FRAGILE” and had “ECOXOTIC” on the […]

I was downstairs shooting pictures this evening, specifically because the last (and only remaining) of the Bundoon Blenny babies has fully settled out – needed images for my MBI (Marine Breeding Initiative, settlement reports (more points in the BAP – that’s Breeder’s Award Program for those of you who aren’t familiar with BAPs from […]

One of the big questions I asked when writing about the shutoff of SEASMART funding last week, was “why?”  Well, once again, we now have answers.  Overnight, PNG’s NFA (National Fisheries Authority) released a response to EcoEZ’s press release announcing a lawsuit to recover funds owed to it for the last 3-4 months of 2010.  […]

After weeks where there was no news in 2010, I guess I make up for it with like 4 or 5 posts in a week and a two-for-one this Friday (it’s still Friday somewhere). My friends at CORAL Magazine put together a couple really good nuggets of info that ran Thursday evening.  First up, a […]