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Status – in Minnesota – At Auction – BID NOW!
 – Premnas biaculeatus “MW PNG White Stripe” F1
Parents – P. biaculeatus “PNG White Stripe” F0 (male) X P. biaculeatus “PNG Lightning” F0 (female)
ID – WS4
Hatch Date – June 29th, 2012
Images – Shot 6/17/2013
F1 PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish, WS4
F1 PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish, WS4
Images Shot 10/14/2013

Photos Shot 5/16/2014
I like this one a lot.  The broken tailbar on the left flank is very similar to the father of this fish.  The body shape is pretty nice, chunky and beefy.  I might wind up keeping this one afterall (but I can’t keep ’em all…still..this one maybe).  Only real flaws I see are in the head region; slightly notched neck, and a slight underbite / pug nose face.
As of 6/6/2014, this fish was 2.5 inches in total length.
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