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The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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Just because the Morse Code Maroon failed to make it doesn’t mean that the Lighting Project is on hold.  Far from it. The Lightning Maroon is having problems….keeping anemones in the new cage!  They keep LEAVING it, and the Lightning Clown has grown accustomed to having a BTA to frolic in.  So I added some […]

A really quick post because there isn’t much to say.  The Morse Code Maroon died this evening.  Obviously I’m not surprised. What has surprised me was some of the other fish.  Yesterday was just a crazy day.  First, I noticed that one of the small PNG Maroon juvies had jumped out of its breeder basket  […]

Short update, I got on the Morse Code Maroon this morning and swabbed the area with Hydrogen Peroxide.  I am guessing this fish will likely be dead in the next 24 hours.  Ordinarily, a fish in this condition would be euthanized.  Warning, the picture is pretty darn graphic.  The fish’s entire upper maxillary has been […]

Today was just a crazy day.  A week in the making, I owe a bit of thanks to Jonica and her husband Scott (rest of her name withheld for privacy).  They provided the impetus for a day long road trip from Duluth to the Twin Cities region to pick up another massive female Maroon Clownfish.  […]

So as it stands, the Morse Code Maroon Clown, the largest one that was shipped, got Maracyn SW last night after a 50% water change.  That seems to have had no affect.  So tonight, lacking guidance and having a bit of desperation based on the ever-declining health of this fish, I doubled down and added […]

– …. .   — — .-. … .   -.-. — -.. .   — .- .-. — — -.   .. …   …. .- -. –. .. -. –.   .. -.   – …. . .-. . –..–   -… ..- –   – .- .-.. -.-   .- -… — ..- –   .- -. — – …. . .-.   .-.. […]

…is that life has a way of giving you a nice smack in the face, aka a “reality check”.  The old phrase “don’t count your [clownfish] before they hatch”  seems to apply here. I alluded to it at the end of my last post.  Yes, the “Morse Code” Maroon is having issues…it showed signs almost […]

So with this latest shipment of PNG Maroons, I now have the following inventory: 1 PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish, sex indeterminant 1 PNG Morse Code Maroon Clown, sex indeterminant 4 PNG Maroon Clownfish, your typical White Stripe variety, all still at sizes where they should be male or “juvenile”. 1 “Labrador” Maroon Clownfish, a massive […]

I’m a unabashed fan of certain things.  In line with recent “regulations” regarding “blogs”, “bloggers” are supposed to tell you when they’re talking about something they received gratis from a company.  So let me say this up front.  My opinion is NEVER for sale.  Never. If I talk about something and say I like it […]

A big shipment of fish, including PNG Maroon Clownfish from the Papua New Guinea SEASMART program landed on my doorstep the morning of July 1st, 2010.  As you likely know, it’s been a bit of a dance to get fish ready for shipment as well as conditions being right to receive a shipment!  I’m glad […]