So last night, I worked on my pairing techniques with the normal White Striped PNG Maroons again.  I took the “female” out of the breeder box and returned her to the main tank, where the male had been recouperating from their last encounter.  All in all, I think things went remarkably better.  Still, after a couple/few hours of interactions, I did once again catch the “female” and return her to the basket for the overnight…didn’t want to come down the next day to a dead male PNG Maroon.  Here’s video of the first 15 minutes of interactions, the male feverishly trying every trick in the book to appease the female.  He managed to do a better job, as there was no heavy aggression or murder attempts this time around, and they even managed to share the anemone at times.  And of course, note how the 6 juvenile perculas are 100% ignored.