The Lightning Project

The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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As of 5/13/2014, there were two fish from spawn #30 who had yet to undergo metamorphosis; the rest had. Trying to avoid past issues of small groups doing well and then just dying randomly, I selected 3 lightning juveniles and moved them into an empty black round tub that’s running on the larviculture system.  When […]

These fish just keep getting better and better. I have tons of images, but I can’t wait until I can actually get really good images for everyone to see. I’m sure some people may be wondering why the images are so “crappy”. Well, I’m shooting without a macro lens for starters. But there’s also something […]

…I will name this one Tesla.  12 days post hatch.  Already mean as snot and fighting in the tub.