…and this is how it will go down.

OK, the fact that lightning maroon clownfish shows up as the 4th and last auto-fill option for “lightning” already has me impressed.  Pat yourselves on the back fellow aquarists – you’re obviously searching enough that this is now a relevant and popular search term!  But it gets more interesting.

Now I’m flattered.  Lightning Maroon Clownfish actually beats out Lightning McQueen from the movie CARS?! Oh, but you just wait.

I find it particularly interesting that the very first image shown for the Lightning Maroon is none other than a fantastic FAKE by Guin!  I also find it interesting, although not surprising, that two of the four autofills are now suggestive of purchase interests.  But we’re not done.

So..hmm…looks like I know what’s on all of your minds.  No news yet on when or where you can purchase your own Lightning Maroon Clownfish…but soon, I promise.