The Lightning Project

The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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Since the PNG Lightning Maroon hit the online world, there’s been over 100+ threads on it.  I’m not about to link to them all here, but I found the conversations  I had with a few of my fellow TCMAS (Twin Cities Marine Aquarium Society) members very interesting.  The original thread is here ( ), […]

Short update – still pulling crazy OT on the project for work today.  I really want this project OFF MY PLATE! No external symptoms of anything on either Maroon today.  No Brooklynella, Cryptocaryon or Amyloodinium outwardly observable.   Both are very “mellow” overall, but no heavy breathing.   The fish lack “spunk” though…they are not […]

Just a quick note to followup on my earlier status update.  I did the water tests in light of the cloudy water that presented today.  pH 8.0.  Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate at undetectable levels.  Removed that carbon bag I forgot about.  Rather than trying to pull out any and all residual Formalin to start with […]

Fun times this evening.  Having never really had to DO a formalin dip (counting my blessings many times over) I did NOT just willy nilly start off with the Maroons.  Heck no.  Instead, I started off with the Polymnus and Allardi.  “Practice” on the “replaceable” fish.  Now, they’ve been in a tank already being treated […]