Short update – still pulling crazy OT on the project for work today.  I really want this project OFF MY PLATE!
No external symptoms of anything on either Maroon today.  No Brooklynella, Cryptocaryon or Amyloodinium outwardly observable.   Both are very “mellow” overall, but no heavy breathing.   The fish lack “spunk” though…they are not like any of my other clowns at this point in time.
The Lightning Maroon continues to feed…he’s taken various mysis and brine shrimp, as well as Nutramar Ova this morning.  I *thought* I saw the female taste something, but nothing confirmed.  It may have just blown into her face.
The plan for today is another water change, and the last 45-minute Formalin Dip in the 3-dip series, as per the instructions from Matt Wittenrich’s book.  I may dose a few things along the way with the water change (Kordon’s Fish Protector and 5 drops Formalin).  They will remain at hyposaline conditions (1.010).