The Lightning Project

The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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Stumbled across this post last week and figured I’d share it here – Brandon Mehlhoff shared some updates on LM15 and its PNG mate over on Reef2Reef.  I snagged one of his videos showing the pair here: Go see more over about Brandon’s Lightning Maroon on!

Somewhere along the line I alluded to the fact that there was at least one US-based person involved in the Lightning Maroon auctions who had the foresight to obtain wild PNG Maroon Clownfish from Scott Fellman at Unique Corals with the express intent of  using them as mates for the offspring from this project.  I […]

Just a quick note this evening. First, anyone care to guess what it means when this shows up in Duluth, MN? The big news though is some changes to the inventory page of offspring.  In the past couple weeks I’ve added in some of the offspring that I gave away, and I’ll get the other […]