So I was gone for only 24 hours….24 HOURS, and I come back to find that the fry from Spawn #8 are gone.  Not sick, not dying, not dead.  GONE.  As in VANISHED.  As in “NO BODIES”.  Honestly I have no clue what’s going on there…it was a small group, probably less than 10, with several lightnings showing.  Realistically, I’m pretty sure something happened, they died, and their tiny corpses rotted away before I even had a chance to notice.
And yet, here we go again – I returned home on 8-26-2013 to find a freshly-laid nest, spawn #10. Looks like September 2nd will be my “pull night” for the larvae, lest I have another failure like I did with Spawn #9. Interestingly, the pair has changed which tile they spawn on.  Wish us all luck!