LM16 – the first offspring to be auctioned in this second round of releases,

Time to start watching eBay again; be sure to add Blue Zoo Aquatics to your list of favorite sellers!  From the latest auctions:

“…it is now time to release for sale the next 6 Lightning Maroon Clownfish. After nearly 3 years of toil, trouble and extreme dedication, breeder Matt Pedersen is proud to offer to the US market the next batch of these truly remarkable fish. For those discovering this amazing animal for the first time, please click HERE to familiarize yourself with the extraordinary journey that has taken place to bring these fish to market.
These next 6 will be auctioned off in individual eBay listings. Each listing will be staggered by about 12 hours to give everybody the best chance to obtain one of these remarkable fish. Four of these fish display the striking lightning pattern similar to their mother while two of these fish look similar to a normal patterned maroon clownfish except for distinctive jagged striping and the odd white dot in different places. These two siblings are the only PNG bloodline maroon clownfish on the market and the best bet for continued breeding and development of the lightning pattern. Matt has more information about this on his website, http://www.lightning-maroon-clownfish.com so be sure to check it out.”

As I type this, the first two fish have already been started.  Newly introduced LM15 and LM16 are already up; the bidding started at $0.99 as it has with all our fish so far!  2 more Lightnings, and 2 White Stripe siblings, yet to come! Remember, you can quickly find all the live auctions here on the site (upper right hand right rail) or by visiting Blue Zoo’s eBay store.

LM15 – also up for auction now. 4 more fish to come!