So yes, there was a spawn I posted a photo of back on July 31st; spawn #8; this was the one they put down on July 29th. I didn’t run the larval snagger on the night of August 5th as I had hoped, because I still don’t have mine back from it being lent out at least a year prior…not that I even had TIME to go ask for it! Unfortunately, come the evening of August 6th, it was quite clear that MOST of the eggs had hatched, and come night time, I was left with maybe a quarter-sized nest from what had started as several square inches! I pulled the nest for hatching on the 6th, and come morning on the 7th, I had only a handful of larvae.  MOST of the eggs did not hatch, and died later in the day.
Now, 7 days later, I seem to have the same 20 or so offspring that hatched out.  I only added RotiGreen Omega once, right at the start, and only now am seeing things clear up to the point where I might have to do another dose.  Rotifers here lately have been weak following the simultaneous crash of 2 of my 3 cultures, and they haven’t really been rebuilding.  Thus, I’ve never established a self-sustaining population of rotifers in the larval tub, and instead have had to resort to daily influxes.  Still, things are going well I suppose, and today I added in the first offerings of TDO size A.
The good news is that the pair certainly seems to be in a routine, as this afternoon, 8-13-2013, they put down another sizable nest.  This is spawn #9 from the pair. It’s only a matter of time before I figure out how to get a BIG group of offspring from these eggs instead of a piddly amount, but until then, it’s going to continue to be a slow trickle at best.