Real quickly, I have tons of videos uploading to Youtube but they’re taking all freakin’ day (I shot a lot this weekend). Lots of interesting stuff on the pairing front coming. In the meantime, I’m doing a water test…here’s where we sit:
Temp (Neptune) – 79.5F
pH (Seachem) – 8.2
pH (Neptune) – 8.25
Alkalinity (Seachem) – 4.25 meq/L
Nitrate (Salifert) – 2 ppm
Calcium (Salifert) – 420 ppm
Magnesium (Salifert) – 1215 ppm
So I find myself still feeling like my Magnesium levels are staying “low”. I’ve even been adding Seachem’s Magnesium to my RO/DI water before adding in the salt (Reef Crystals) in the hopes of raising the initial magnesium levels a bit. I haven’t really been doing too too much in the way of water changes here…I think I did only my second or third 5 gallon water change this last week when adding in the new corals from Upscales and Seahorse Northwest.