So here’s the rundown so far:
Monday, get everything basically assembled.  Shoot something like 630 + images on this first day alone.  Pester Ike Eigenbrode way too much, but he’s cool about it.
Tuesday, rewire an outlet and reset every clock in the house.  Get reluctant approval from my wife on final location and orientation of the tank.
Wednesday, help an under-the-weather wife most of the day, run late evening errands.  While running errands, talk about tank strategy with one of the few local SPS gurus in the area, Jay Hansen, and decide that maybe there won’t be any anemones in this tank (refraining from spilling any aquascaping details so Johnny Ciotti won’t know what hit him).  Also realize that maybe I will be delving into the realm of controllers.  Get a couple higher quality surge protectors, double-sided mounting tape, and install the blue Stunner Strip on the Panorama Fixture.  Note that Renee has now stated that the tank is “way too bright”, to which I kinda responded, “just like the corals want”!
Notice there has still not yet been a water test.  Notice I haven’t posted any pictures.
Assume there is much much more to come.