After weeks where there was no news in 2010, I guess I make up for it with like 4 or 5 posts in a week and a two-for-one this Friday (it’s still Friday somewhere).
My friends at CORAL Magazine put together a couple really good nuggets of info that ran Thursday evening.  First up, a nicely reformatted and image-enhanced version of EcoEZ’s PNG SEASMART Press Release.  Followed up immediately by the eloquent and insightful commentary of Ret Talbot, who asks “What Price Sustainability” about this latest turn of events for SEASMART and Papua New Guinea.
As you may know, Ret Talbot is most certainly a friend of mine and a friend of the Lighting Project, being in Papua New Guinea working on his CORAL Magazine Article when the Lightning Maroon was collected.  Without a doubt, one of the first people from the states to see this fish in real life.  While Ret has a hectic schedule, he knows he has a standing invitation to contribute to, or be interviewed for, The Lightning Project.  As of late, Ret has been furiously making it his job to know everything he can about sustainability and it’s place in the current and future marine aquarium industry.  Keep an eye out for more from Ret, wherever it’s published (including the January/February 2011 edition of CORAL, which features a story on marine fish collection in Hawaii).