Strange how the weekend can just get away from you.  Kept saying I was going to add the sand, add the water, add the Labrador Maroon, but it never happened.  At this point, I may just wait – Live Rock is due to arrive Tuesday, so might as well aquascape it while dry at this point.  So all I really did was spend a lovely afternoon with Renee out shopping on Saturday, where we picked up a vase and twisted wood sticks to go along with a larger dried arrangement we already had – these are visual screens for the dog and the son…stay out from behind the tank.  The fact that they add to the look is just a bonus.  I also ran a surge protector and the GCFI outlet on that, and mounted those inside the stand with mounting tape.  Then, I practiced taking some more shots to get just the right look.  So it’s still an “air tank” despite my best intentions.  Another 48 hours and it’s running.  Then I start watching the water and testing and when it seems ready – Lightning Maroon goes in.
Enjoy the pix!