From the 6/19/2013 Blue Zoo Aquatics Newsletter:

Lightning Maroon Clownfish Update
Through multiple media channels, word has gotten out that the first round of baby Lightning Maroon Clowns are going to go on sale very soon. Matt Pedersen announced the forth coming offering on his blog site yesterday and it is true, we now have, in our holding system, these illustrious and now world famous fish. Click HERE to read more.
Matt’s blog says it all really, but in a nutshell, these first 2 Lightning Maroon patterned offspring and the first 3 siblings will be offered for sale through our eBay account starting this weekend. These F1 PNG beauties are the only available PNG bloodline Maroon Clownfish left on the market AND they are the first Lightning patterned clownfish to hit the market since Mama Lightning was imported and sold to Matt almost 3 years ago. The auctions will be open to anybody with an eBay account in the US and the first shipments to the lucky winners will hit around the first week of July.
We will have more information, with links to the various auctions, this Saturday so make sure to check your inbox.

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For more details on the fish being offered, please read the full Lightning Maroon Clownfish release announcement which includes detailed instructions, posted yesterday.