I love the internet’s ability to royally “get it wrong”, and this edition of Lightning Maroon Clownfish Mythbusting points to one of my own home clubs (I’m a lifetime member of TCMAS); the thread? Ligtning (sic) Maroon on Ebay
Shibb’s wrote; “Blue Zoo is actually selling FOUR offspring. Only 2 have the really “lightning” markings, though.”
Not entirely true.  Currently, four of the five auctions have started…Blue Zoo opted to stagger them 12 hours apart.  As I type this, the last of the 5 initial fish could be listing later today.  This 5th fish shouldn’t be a surprise either, as I showed images of all 5 being shipped to Blue Zoo in the announcement, PLUS had them all listed in the “inventory“.
Furthermore, this is just the first shipment to Blue Zoo. As I’ve posted numerous times now, all over the internet, I have approximately 30 total fish slated to be released.  Provided everything goes smoothly with Blue Zoo, it’s safe to assume that the remaining 25 Lighting Maroon offspring will also be sold, at auction, by Blue Zoo, in the coming weeks / months.
The ones that don’t have “really lightning” markings are classified by me as White Stripe Maroons.  They have Lightning parentage.  We simply do not know whether there’s any genetic lightning material in these fish, so to think so is to speculate.  I’ve written about this numerous times now 😉
At this point, if anyone is bidding with the mindset that these current fish are the only 5 fish that will ever be available, well, I’ve done everything possible to put this information out there!
Myclang wrote; “Hilarious if it dies in shipping right!??!”
Well, certainly not hilarious.  Certainly a risk, a possibility.  But just as I stood 100% behind the fish I shipped to Blue Zoo, so is Blue Zoo ensuring these fish arrive alive.  I would expect them to do no less as they ship fish for a living!  I will be highly skeptical of DOA claims…afterall, these are captive bred Maroon Clowns…not something touchy.
drahotad wrote; “I believe he owed blue zoo some of the first offspring if i remember correctly, and is probably keeping the best ones still up north 
I actually owed Blue Zoo nothing…the Lightning Maroon and it’s offspring were free and clear mine to do with as I pleased.  That said, 3 years ago, I made the unilateral offer of a right of first refusal to Blue Zoo, and I of course stand by that offer and you see it coming to fruition now.
While I have yet to do an inventory of every last fish I’m currently holding back, it’s not many.  I have the well known Lightning X Lightning pair, which do happen to be very nice ones.  I’m also planning 2 more pairs to leave here as backups, as well as a Lighting X White Stripe and a White Stripe X White Stripe.  Still, there’s plenty of lookers in the fish currently slated for release.