F1 PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish, LM12

LM12- looks great, right?  But where’s the ventral fins!  D’oh!

As of 2:35 AM, Friday, June 21st, 2013, all 30 fish initially planned for release have been posted here on this website for your review and consideration.  Please review the Lightning Maroon Clownfish Offspring Inventory to see all 30 fish.
The motivations behind this monumental task (it took me in the neighborhood of 20 hours to complete) was to show the full range of fish that I had in the growout system, a tank I hope to clear and sell off all fish.  By showing them all in advance of any auction, I consider every bidder fully informed as to what fish are out there, either now or in the short term future.
Most importantly, I wanted to make sure I was abundantly clear as to the flaws in each fish…many are culls which we had discussed only making available to approved breeders who understand that the defects in these fish are likely not genetic.  I think it was Joe Lichtenbert, but it may have been another clownfish breeder, who recalled the experience of raising hundreds of white stripe Maroons together, and when it came time to selll the fish, only FIVE ideal, suitable specimens could be found…out of hundreds.  Looking at the fruits of my labor, I think it’s fair to say that communal rearing absolutely played a role in causing a lot of blemished fish.
F1 PNG White Stripe Maroon Clownfish, WS16

WS16 definitely shows signs of battle scars from a younger age.

I still am wondering about the early rearing as well…some of the bulldog / pug nosed fish really shouldn’t have looked that way with the use of the black round tub (which normally prevents fish from pressing up against the hard surfaces in the early days, which is often what causes this defect as flexible cartilage calcifies).  And yet, they still showed up in the group.  Maroons are notorious for facial deformities as the result of mouth-to-mouth combat that starts pretty much the day they settle.  So it’s possible that a lot of what we’re seeing is from THAT.
Still, there are some really exciting fish in this mix. I’m not terribly proud of the end results, but they’re absolutely better than nothing.  By my count, there are roughly 16 of the 30 fish that, were they any other fish, would be immediately culled and euthanized, never to be sold.  There’s easily another 4 I would be keeping my eye on to see how they continue to grow.  And in truth, I think there are less than 5 fish which I really couldn’t find any issue with.
So, before you bid, please be absolutely sure find the fish you’re looking at  in my inventory, and to read all the details and my opinions on the fish you’re considering.  I want you to have very realistic expectations with the fish you’re going to receive, as I’d hate to receive a fish that let me down.