So first off, yes, the Lightning Maroon Clownfish is still alive and healthy and living in its Bubble Tip Anemones.  It remains still inside a breeder net, with the large “Labrador” Maroon clown from Frank and Mary lurking outside.  The net has become overgrown with algae, so I am currently thinking of making a “cage” out of egg crate to allow for better interaction between this smaller maroon and the larger one.  I have heard of fish being able to fertilize nest that are laid even when divided with egg crate…who knows….maybe the Lab and the Lightning will do their thing while we’re waiting…
And yes, I am still waiting for some PNG Maroon mates!  Not sure what the story is right now.   Last I heard fish were on hold for me, but it’s been a while.  I suppose I should make a phone call to my friends @ Blue Zoo!
For those of you who’ve been asking for HD Video, your wait may soon come to an end.  While all three of my good cameras remain in states of disrepair, we got my wife a new Nikon DSLR for her birthday.  It supposedly also takes HD Video.  I’ll have to give it a whirl!
I thought, in the absence of any real news, I might repost some thoughts I had on the genetics of this fish and how I’m going to approach things.  They’ll come in a subsequent blog post either today or in a couple days.