Sometimes the only right question to ask is “WTF?!”
Turned on the lights this morning (folks should know that ambient sunlight wakes up the fishroom much earlier than I do).  Waited a few minutes.  Offered Spectrum pellets to the Maroons.  Saw the female make what I’d call a definitive “look” at the pellets before snubbing them.  Reminded me of getting a somewhat disinterested look from a trout while fly fishing.
And then I noticed the white string of mucus on the female.  Seriously?  I took pictures, but in looking at them I had to go back and look again.  ICH (Cryptocaryon) again showing up on the Female.  This after a Formalin dip yesterday?  This with the fish being kept in Hyposaline conditions (SG = 1.010)?
I’m admittedly very frustrated and reaching out for ideas on the “next step”.
Lightning Maroon is clean, just shy.  Here’s some pix: