So this evening I did my water tests after letting things settle down.  Salinity / Specific Gravity has once again crept up to 1.011, so I brought it back to down to 1.010 with RODI water.  Important to keep the salinity at the right levels…1.010 is better than 1.011 for hyposalinity treatment.
Lighting Maroon nipped at Formula 1 Pellets and Cyclopeeze.  It has already learned to pick up food off the glass bottom.  It has also learned to feed from the surface.  Now we just need the female to shake her funk and start eating.  Brine shrimp hatchery set up, decapped brine from Dan Underwood @ incubating.
pH had dropped a little bit, so I dosed a half dose of Seachem’s Reef Buffer.  Ammonia was possibly slightly elevated, maybe 0.25 ppm on the one test I used.  Just above the 0 ppm level.  So, dosed with Seachem’s Stability, since no doubt I’ve killed off some of the nitrifying bacteria or created more waste than they can handle (via Formalin dosing).   Lights are out,  and they’re sleeping.  The Lightning Maroon has taken to sleeping in the corner up by the surface, which I just don’t like.  All we need is for this fish to be up by the surface, getting inspired to check out what’s going on outside the tank…
One last thing – THANK YOU for all the continued support, both publicly here and privately via email.  This has been a very nerve-testing experience.  We all KNEW this was a possibility with WC Clownfish, but hey, we’d like to think we’re gonna get lucky.  I’m doing the best I can, which is great part due to the continued advice from the project advisers!  It is admittedly tough to make decisions when there are multiple routes provided, all of which have fact and experience behind them!