So, these guys are really holding their cards close.  This morning, Cryptocaryon and hints of Brooklynella.  Then, for most of the day, the female has moved from the CAVE she’s lived in.  She was out and about, mostly hovering above the cave, looking at the back wall & filter intake.  No observeable Cryptocaryon, but renewed concerns about Brooklynella this afternoon.
The Lightning Maroon is eating, but it’s been hard to tell if it has the same gusto as before.  BOTH fish continue to be inactive, which could either be their nature, or a sign of problems.  Paying close attention, it did look to me as if respiration rates might be elevated.   But nothing ridiculously fast.  Hard to tell.
In sticking to my guns, I’ve opted to more or less continue this course of treatment.  So, another 5 gallon water change to remove uneaten food and keep water quality up.  Included Kordon’s Fish Protector in the makeup water.  Dosed with 15, yes, fifteen drops, of Formalin.  Why?  Well, I’m convinced it does break down pretty quickly, and in-take dosages can be much higher than the manufacturer’s suggested dosing.  I’ve been LOW if anything, so as a general in-tank treatment, I went back to what is close to the manufacturer’s suggested dosing (at a rate of 1 drop per gallon, every other day, until control is achieved).  Finally, I dosed the tank with Seachem’s Reef Plus, which is something I routinely dose to all my tanks.
It’s a showdown.  Or a roller coaster.  Or a tug of war.  Hard to get a read on these guys…they have good poker faces.  Good if they were playing poker, bad if we’re trying to get them healthy and settled into captivity.
I recieved an email about possibly separating the PNG Lightning Maroon from the Female PNG Maroon.  The rational being that she is just continuing to expose “him” to disease.  What else can I say…the thought had certainly crossed my mind.  More than once.