The Lightning Project

The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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First, a bit of mythbusting – someone, somewhere, started some rumor that I had lost one or both of my lightning maroon clownfish pairs.  I heard about this from multiple people in early February, but never could pin down the source. Simply put, nothing could be further from the truth.  That said, there hasn’t been […]

First and foremost, I’ve been late in updates due to my laptop crashing out last week.  Hopefully my new laptop is her come Wednesday this week, less than 2 days from now. Since my last post, there were a few more days of poor appetite, and the pop-eye condition continued through until roughly Friday (5-25-2012) […]

Sometimes the only right question to ask is “WTF?!” Turned on the lights this morning (folks should know that ambient sunlight wakes up the fishroom much earlier than I do).  Waited a few minutes.  Offered Spectrum pellets to the Maroons.  Saw the female make what I’d call a definitive “look” at the pellets before snubbing […]