I’ve offered 2 feedings since my last post.  One was ignored by both fish, and this last one, the Lightning Maroon ate again.  I’ve had mixing and heating for most of the day in anticipation of doing a water change this evening.  I did that water change.  Since I’m out of Seachem’s Stress Guard, I tried using another product in the same line of products, Kordon’s Fish Protector.  Fish Protector contains “colloids”, which is one of the main things in Stress Guard, as well as a “multi-layer” slime coat builder, also has B12 (not sure but I think this is the B vitiamin they use in Maracyn SW as an appetite stimulant), as well as Echinacea, which I’m not as “psyched” about but hey..gotta do something.  In thinking about some of the comment discussions about anemone’s as possible stimulants for slime coat production, I figured the unnatural, man made slime coat might be better than nothing.  Fish Protector is considerably thicker than Stress Guard.  I dosed 1 capful into the 5 gallon replacement water and let it mix quite thoroughly this evening before doing the water change.
I got a lot of uneaten food out of the tank, as well as a couple unseen big brown smelly stringy masses that I can only assume were the bodies of snails I had missed and thus killed with the Formalin.   After the water change, I dosed 5 drops of Formalin – admittedly this might not be “enough”, again owing to some of the comments about Formalin degredation.  I need to look into this more.  I DO intend a final Formalin DIP tomorrow, and I may do that in the AM.
I tested the salinity / SG and noted that it had gone up a touch to 1.011.  A bit of RODI water brought it back down to 1.010.  I noted no abnormally heavy breathing, and only one or two spots of ICH on the Maroons.  I already set up the next bucket of 1.010 water for whenever that next water change occurs.
Bottom line, I am very happy that the Lighting Maroon Clown is eating.  Eating is always a positive thing and is arguably critical for any sick fish…they need the nourishment even more so than your everyday healthy fish.  The female “acknowledged” food every so slightly today, but didn’t make any serious attempts to eat or even really investigate stuff.
Thank you to everyone who’s offered their supportive messages.  Keep sending those good vibes, I really, really appreciate them!  This is a very daunting task, and I hope is providing valuable experiences and reminders for everyone along the way!