So, pretty much followed the plan I outlined earlier today.  Fed in Fish King Fish Eggs, with the Lighting Clown devoured.  Female got the last 45 minute Formalin Dip, 20 drops (1 ML) Formalin into 1 gallon tank water, heavily aerated.  Lightning Clownfish followed.  Both fish arguably seemed “rejuvenated” after their dips.  Took out another 3 gallons of water, replaced with 5 clean gallons, a dosing of Kordon’s Fish Protector, and 5 drops Formalin into the tank.  Still keeping them at 1.010 SG.  After that, lights out for now.  May “wake them up” before night falls to give them a small feeding, may not.
Big thing for me, getting that female to eat.  Have  been extremely busy with work, and while Anderson gave me good advice to just hatch baby brine shrimp, I’ve just had no time to even get that going!  Maybe if I take a break at midnight!