As I turned the specimen cup over on the male PNG Maroon this afternoon, the fish struggled not to leave the protective confines of its plastic prison. It took only 5 seconds to understand why – it was immediately met with violent attacks from the Lightning Maroon Clownfish. After a minute or two of watching, it was pretty clear that there was no interest on the part of either fish to be in close contact. It wasn’t even hard to scoop the little male PNG Maroon Clownfish back into the safety of the specimen cup.
Hardly what I had been hoping for, but not terribly surprised. Later today I may once again reintroduce the “female” PNG Maroon to her male downstairs in the 10 gallon, hoping that goes as well as their last date. If it does, it will provide yet another avenue for me to try with the Lightning, that is, sequestering the Lightning Maroon in the specimen cup for a day or two might change the relationship dynamic. But I’m not going to try it until I have a proof of concept working, maybe two.
And sorry, no vids or pictures – my wife has the good camera and is on vacation until Friday!