A really quick post because there isn’t much to say.  The Morse Code Maroon died this evening.  Obviously I’m not surprised.
What has surprised me was some of the other fish.  Yesterday was just a crazy day.  First, I noticed that one of the small PNG Maroon juvies had jumped out of its breeder basket  and was being mauled by the other.  It’s only fin damage, but still..
Then, I noticed the same thing had happened with a spare Sumatran Fire Clown (A. ephippium) that lives in a breeder net in the same tank with the Lightning Maroon and the Labrador Maroon.  Surprisingly, it was not only the Labrador Maroon, but also the 3 Centropyge argi in the tank, that were all pounding on this Fire Clown (and heck, Fire Clowns have their own reputation for viscous attitudes!)  The Fire Clown was rescued as well and is recovering in his anemone.  Hopefully he learned his lesson.  So I’m left wondering what’s with all the jumpers!  2 fish in the same day?
The other surprise is thankfully more welcome – I had another first spawning on a species.  Nothing terribly “fancy”, just a small, often overlooked damselfish.  The specific species is still up for debate – I’m currently calling it Neopomacentrus cf. nemerus for the moment.
Off to feed Ethan.  I’m technically late!