Taking a break from work..wow…already burned out and again, OT is in the future tonight!  But, I can take 10 minutes away to update you all on the status of the Maroons…
This morning, I was dealt another disheartening turn of events.  I went down before starting my workday and took a look.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Yup…that look s like Marine Ich, Cryptocaryon irritans.   Not a serious infestation, but I thought I saw this on her yesterday and sure enough, there it is again this morning.  Left scratching my head, and can only assume this was picked up before dropping the tank to hyposaline conditions.  Formalin is also supposed to have an impact, so come on…really?  I have to deal with ICH too?  I haven’t seen any outward signs of Brooklynella now since I first saw it and treated for it.  Still, I will follow the regime and do a final Formalin dip tomorrow.  You don’t stop medication the moment you “feel better” afterall.  You have to stick to protocols.  I was worried I was dealing with Amyloodinium, but so far, other than loss of appetite, I haven’t seen the symptoms I normally associate with it’s onset (i.e. rapid breathing).  Still, I have already been researching and planning for a possible switch from Formalin regiments to Cupramine (Seachem’s copper product, which I’ve had good results with in the past).
Well, I’ve been keeping the lights on for shorter periods of time and keeping the tank lit more with ambient light.  I’ve gone downstairs to feed a couple times today.
There IS positive news today.  The Lightning Maroon is back to EATING.  Formula 1 small Pellets and Spirulina Flakes, both by Ocean Nutrition.  And eating “well” too.  Swimming around “his” section of the tank a lot more.  This is a huge step forward.  Wish I could say the female is eating too, but still, no real response.
So overall, we have a negative and a positive canceling each other out for the time being.  At some point this evening, in between all the overtime for work, I’m going to do another water change to remove uneaten food.