Well, things are going well.  Maroons are sleeping, doing well hours after their Formalin dips.
First, just to reiterate, my camera’s transfer cord was lost somewhere between LIRA’s NERAC V @ Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, NY, and home (Duluth MN).  Thus, there are tons of pictures being taken, but sadly, until the replacement cord shows up, I don’ t get to share them.
On the topic of Sleep Deprevation – it pays to remember that you tossed a small bag of carbon in the tank you’ve just medicated hours earlier.  “Now What?” as they say.  Did the carbon pull out the Formalin I dosed the Maroon’s tank with?  All of it?  Part of it?  Well, since there isn’t a Formalin test kit, I think I’ll probably dump in a fresh bag of carbon to pull out any Formalin that wasn’t already pulled out, and then maybe dose the tank again.  Or not.  Overtime really fries your brain.
And yes, I’ve officially bled for the Maroon Clowns.  I knew it was bound to happen.  Among other fish sold to pay for this project is a Powder Blue Tang I bought for my wife a year or two ago.  Renee gave it her blessing rather easily, which kindof surprised me.  Well, I got up early to catch it this morning.  Of course, not wanting to mess around excessively, I ultimately used my hand to coax it out of the live rock, where I then cupped the fish against the glass and manipulated into a net for the brief trip to the bucket.  I got stabbed.  I had it coming.   A nice 1/4″ slice in the meat of my my right middle finger.  Considering I grated off a portion of the fingernail and tip of my right thumb last Sunday, and the Wednesday before NERAC V I had a random fishhook buried in my pinky finger while releasing a Steelhead near Erie, PA (required a trip to Urgent Care to get out), I think the warranty on my right hand has expired!
Lookin’ forward to seeing folks at the Twin Cities Marine Aquarium Club (TCMAS) Frag Swap today, where I’ll be dropping off and collecting on a few of the sales that funded this project!  Thanks again to everyone (including you Clint Manchester) for snatching up the fish I offered on Fire Sale (because you know, a fire sale on 3 Amphiproin latezonatus is still more than some people’s paychecks!)