Today I went with Jay and Jim and made the trip to the TCMAS Frag Swap to deliver many of the fish I sold to help finance this adventure.  Thanks once again for everyone who chipped in on a moment’s notice!
Got back, and things are looking OK.  Back to work for me…which has been nothing but brick walls since I sat down this evening.  So taking a break, and updating you all!
Brooklynella wise, I didn’t see any outward signs on either Maroon.  I offered some food (Frozen Mysis and Brine, eriched) and the Lightning Maroon took a nibble, and the female Maroon certainly perked up, but has still not eaten.  Their tank water is a bit cloudy, likely from the Formalin knocking off stuff on the live rock, so I’ll test the water, possibly do a water change, perhaps add fresh carbon to take down any remaining formalin (since I goofed in the first place) and tomorrow afternoon, another round of dips and a fresh formalin treatment into their tank again.  I’ll tell you what I do for sure after I’ve done it!
Another nice tidbit…the new camera transfer cable showed up today, so I started sucking pictures out!  I’ll post up the first installment of a “recap” to get you all up to speed with how this process has been going.  LOTS of pictures in this next installment…