OK, so please see my earlier post for details on how I almost really botched things but in the end, caught a lucky break by thinking not to try something out on the Maroons first 😉
The large “regular” female Maroon went through a 45 minute Formalin Dip (20 drops, or 1 ml, of true Formalin (37% Solution of Formaldehyde) into 1 gallon of tank water, heavily aerated). When I took her out and placed her back in the tank, she looked like a NEW clownfish. Not a milky patch or spot on her. So I proceded with the Lightning Maroon, and it went through equally well, and seemed rejuvenated upon return to the tank.  I also happened to dose the tank with Seachem’s  Reef Plus, a general vitamin additive that I routinely dose to all my tanks.
You may recall that earlier tonight I was weighing the pros and cons of dosing their TANK with Formalin. Well…the PNG Saddleback and Allardis have already had 1 drop per gallon in their tank for 24 hours with no problems. Still…wasn’t convinced as it could kill off some of the life on their live rock (for the record, Mushroom Anemones tolerated, not loved, but tolerated hypo salinity at 1.010). Well, while sitting around keeping an eye on the Lightning Maroon Clownfish, I saw a dwarf blue leg hermit crab crawling around in the tank I’d already dosed with Formalin. “Hmm”, I thought. “I would’ve pegged the Hermit Crab to be dead in hours, if not minutes.”
And so, compensating for the large amount of live rock in their otherwise barren 20 Long, the Lightning Maroon’s tank was dosed tonight with 15 drops of Formalin, this in the hopes of preventing or at least keeping down re-infestation between dips.
I think I’ll sleep OK tonight, but I have to get up in 5 hours to pack up all the fish I sold that helped PAY for this project in the first place!!!  And I need to find Rod’s Food and Seachem’s Stress Guard (Blue Zoo includes a pipette in each care package, and I really read up on the stuff..it’s going to be good to use with the Formalin treatments, and I used up the last of it on the fish I “fried” earlier tonight).