The Lightning Project

The ongoing saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish breeding project.

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I know most folks are wanting to hear about the Lightning Maroon, but there isn’t much to say.  “He’s” clean, healthy, likes to eat pellet foods and doesn’t seem at all interested in the mysis and brine shrimp.  Not sure what’s up with that, but I’m chalking it up to him being ticked he’s in […]

The short story – yesterday the fish got fed a few times.  I’ve realized that most food blows by the female, so I’m now in the position of having to turn off the filtration so she eats.  This has the positive side that if I leave the water pump off for a bit, I could […]

This is simply a very happy day for me.  The female ATE food for the first time moments ago.  She’s not vigorous about it by any stretch.  I put in some Formula One Pellets (from Ocean Nutrition) which the male loves and as usual, she didn’t look at ’em.  I then put in my general […]