This is simply a very happy day for me.  The female ATE food for the first time moments ago.  She’s not vigorous about it by any stretch.  I put in some Formula One Pellets (from Ocean Nutrition) which the male loves and as usual, she didn’t look at ’em.  I then put in my general frozen mix of enriched brine shrimp, mysis and whatever else I threw in (i.e. could have gel diets, squid, freeze dried stuff).   I’ve been hitting the frozen mix with Seachem’s Garlic Guard since last week to increase feeding response (yes, have thrown every trick in the book at these fish).  Well, she nipped a piece of brine shrimp out  of the water column, then hit some tubifex as well.  I didn’t continue to watch, but instead ran up here to tell the world.
We are officially moving in a positive direction, finally!