Over the past couple years I’ve talked about this with various scientists (mostly younger ones), who’ve considered scientific opportunities presented by the Lightning Maroon.  I thought I’d just put this out there in the greater context.
In short, as breeding progresses and Lightning Maroon Clownfish become more ubiquitous, one of the things that WILL happen is that the culling bar will be dramatically raised. This means that I will have fish that should be destroyed actually being destroyed vs. placed out there to established a foundation population in the name of having genetic hedges. With increased culling, I’m very willing to entertain requests and ideas for putting these sub-standard specimens to use for research purposes. I would be willing to furnish dead, preserved specimens (to a scientist’s specifications) of both Lightning and non-Lightning siblings, free of charge (you pay shipping, any chemical-related costs etc.)
So, it’s on the table…if you’re interested drop me a message through one of the many avenues I can be reached. Availability will of course be quite limited initially, and projects that are the most interesting me will be given preference if I’m able to support them at all. Don’t know how many culls I’ll have to offer either…so…I will help as I’m able.