In the chaos of preparing for our club’s fundraising table at the TCMAS Frag Swap last night, I was going on 3 hours sleep, up until 3 AM bagging donated corals and such.  Somehow along the way I got it in my head that the Lightning Maroons were due to be pulled Saturday night.  So when I got back tonight and went to pull the tile, eggs.  Only now when I sat down to type this did I recheck my counts and realize that last night was the proper night to pull based on how they’ve been hatching recently.  Yup, totally botched it, but we raised a LOT of money for the club today with the help and contributions of all our members.  So not a total loss, but yeah…boneheaded move.
I should also update on Spawn #16, which is no more and has left me scratching my head.  Perhaps 30-50 fish made it through settlement, at which point I turned on the larval system at a slow drip to bring them online.  Apparently that was a bad move – the next morning all but two offspring were dead, and those died a short while later.  Meanwhile Spawn #15 is going strong.