On a whim I checked eBay tonight, and there it was, the first auction of the next 6 fish to be sold by Blue Zoo Aquatics. ¬†They have kicked things off with Lightning Maroon #5 (LM5) – here’s a link to the LM5 Lightning Maroon Clownfish auction on eBay.

From reading the auction description, it sounds like Blue Zoo will be offering 3 fish now (not sure which three) and three fish after the Thanksgiving holiday, but well before Christmas.  This will leave roughly 4 fish here yet to be sold, retained as backups should anything go awry with winter shipping. All of the Lightning Maroon offspring on hand were recently updated with new photos in the inventory.
If all goes well (and it should) then those last 4 will probably be sold in early 2014, with more babies (presumably mainly from spawns #14 and #15) to come by late spring at the earliest. Definitely not getting hundreds or thousands of these fish, which means that until some of my supportive winners get their pairs going, it’s going to be a very limited variant for the near future.