So last week I was busy busy busy; wrapping up the Banggai Recue Book and off to the MBI workshop.  Sometime last week, in the chaos, the Lightning Maroon pair spawned, a nice big nest in their new tile home.
Of course, chaos this week continued, another book to edit, another freelance gig, and when I went to pull the nest on the anticipated hatch night, it was GONE. @!#%!#!#%!
In other news, during the chaos last week gave us a first look at the two Lightning Maroons, BZLM1 and BZLM2, on a pay date.  It will be very interesting to see how pairing goes for these two…we’re several months away from stability in my opinion.  Case in point, watch the smaller fish (destined to be male).  Those are submissive shakes – those are TAILBEATS…an aggressive behavior designed to attempt to knock your opponent off balance.  Here’s the video, and for more, check out the Lightning Maroon Playdate on