Pumps are off for the next 2.5 hours (used a feed timer on the Apex to ensure it’s automatically turned back on tonight – no way am I going to screw up and leave the pump off overnight!), lights out save one flashlight for attracting larvae.  I’m still leaning towards tomorrow, and my worst fear is that the hatch out at 4 AM or something long after I’ve given up.  Now we wait.
12:20 AM – got excited when I saw movement in the flashlight beam – darn swimming copepods….
12:30 AM – ran the MP10 on battery power for a minute, then back off.  Turned out my flashlight for a bit; it’s on the opposite side of the tank, completely blocked by rockwork, but going to take no changes.
12:45 AM – ran the MP10 again for a minute, flashlight back on…no hatch yet.  HMM.  Thinking tomorrow is more likely at the moment.  But…should I pull the tile tonight? Afterall, tiles like this are shipped successfully with ZERO “incubation” performed by the parents…so as long as I don’t screw up, there’s no reason I couldn’t incubate them for the last 24 hours.  My head is leaning in that direction at the moment.
1:23 AM – that aint’ a copepod….